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Chillagoe in northern Queensland, Australia, was once a flourishing mining town for a variety of minerals, however is now lowered to a little zinc mine and some marble quarries. It is within the city government location of Shire of Mareeba (between 2008 and 2013, it was within the Tablelands Area). At the 2006 census, Chillagoe had a population of 227

Just out of town is the Chillagoe-Mungana Caves National forest including limestone caves. There are in between 600 and 1,000 collapse the Chillagoe-Mungana location. The caves, the magnificent karst landscape and the mining and smelting history are the main tourist attractions to the area.

It has actually been specified by leading geologist Teacher Ian Plimer that the Chillagoe region has the most diverse geology worldwide.

James Mulligan had actually explored the area in 1873 and Atherton backed up his reports of rich copper outcrops in the location. Mining leader John Moffat sent prospectors to the field in 1888 and rapidly monopolised the field. A getting workplace opened in 1891 (with W. Atherton as Receiving Workplace Keeper) but enclosed 1893. A post office opened in 1900 with F. Donner as the storekeeper and postmaster. The Chillagoe Railway and Mining Company’s line opened from Mareeba in 1901 and a Town Reserve was proclaimed 27 October 1910.

When the Australian Labor Party lost power in 1929, the brand-new government ordered a Royal Commission into the incident. The political professions of two former Queensland Premiers, ‘Red’ Ted Theodore and William McCormack, were destroyed by the Commission’s report. Check out the popular book by Frank Hardy: “Power without Magnificence”.

Woothakata is a building on beautiful Chillagoe creek named after the early Tableland shire which Chillagoe belonged of. Woothakata is an Aboriginal word which describes the way Aborigines took a trip to Ngarrabullgan/Mount Mulligan, a vital meeting place.

The heritage-listed Chillagoe smelters, the cemetery and the many old mines attract history enthusiasts to the location.